4 Important Tips for Sporting Schools Coaching Providers

Author: Tegan Cunningham, Community Basketball Coordinator (BA)

Sporting Schools sees over $750,000 in federal funding distributed to Aussie Hoops Local Centres each year for Basketball programs. Below we’ve outlined 4 helpful updates and recommendations to coaching providers to assist them with their program administration.

Package Structure

Coaching providers should note that we have increased the number of “Maximum Participants” schools can enter when booking a Sporting Schools program. Our data should that we have been understating our participation statistics by having such low limits, and restricting schools who want to communicate the full number of students participating in the program.

For example, 4 sessions with 30 different students in each session would equate to 120 participants in total receiving the Basketball program.

This will ensure that our participation stats are closer aligned with the teacher survey results.

Editing Sporting School Bookings

Coaching providers can update the group size in the Booking System for a current booking while its status is New, Pending or Rejected. Once a program booking goes to Completed (last session date has passed) the group size field is unable to be edited.

This functionality will become beneficial for coaching providers when they initially thought they were delivering a program for 30 participants, but end up delivering a program for 4 classes, 30 participants in each, making the total group size 120 not 30.

Pricing Your Programs

We are observing that many coaching providers are not covering for their overhead costs of office administration.

For a Sporting Schools Basketball program, we recommend that each Coaching Provider charge as a minimum:

  • $200.00 in program administration, plus
  • $50.00 per coach per hour, plus
  • Any miscellaneous expenditure such as printing off flyers or certificates.

We also recommend invoicing schools for the total program cost, rather than itemising costs into the breakdown above.

Discounted Equipment

A popular value-add that coaching providers should offer schools completing a Sporting Schools basketball program is to receive 20% off all equipment purchases made via Basketball Australia’s Schools Store. Schools simply enter the promotional code “THANKS2018” upon checkout to receive 20% off their orders.