Local Centre Resources

A suite of complimentary local centre resources will be provided to local centres upon accreditation which will assist program delivery.


Once a local centre is accredited by the State or Territory member and Basketball Australia they will receive a complimentary Starter Kit. Should a local centre wish to receive more Starter Kits these can be purchased through the online Aussie Hoops Store.

StarterKitThe starter kits include:

  • 1 x Aussie Hoops coaches guide;
  • 1 x Aussie Hoops bag;
  • 1 x Aussie Hoops basketball pump (with 5 needles);
  • 20 x Aussie Hoops marker cones (with plastic carry handle);
  • 1 x size 5 Aussie Hoops Spalding basketball; and
  • 2 x Aussie Hoops coaches whistles.


In addition to complimentary Starter Kits local centres will also receive a suite of templates and user guides digitally. These templates and user guides have been developed to incorporate the programs new look and feel and should prove useful to Local Centre Coordinators.

The provided templates and user guides include:

  • Achievement Certificate template;
  • Poster templates;
  • Birthday e-card template;
  • Newsletter template;
  • Coaches letter template;
  • Feedback/complaint form template;
  • Incident report form template;
  • Injury report form template;
  • Venue inspection checklist template;
  • Media release template;
  • Centre program delivery checklist template;
  • Indigenous community engagement fact sheet;
  • Aussie Hoops family guide; and
  • Aussie Hoops local centre guide. 


In addition to the suite of marketing and promotional resources accredited local centres will also be provided with the national Aussie Hoops brand guidelines. Along with this, local centres will also receive their own co-branded Aussie Hoops logo which can be used, in accordance with the brand guidelines, at their local centre to promote and grow the program. With this co-branded logo also comes the right to title the Aussie Hoops program accordingly, for example, should the Brisbane Capitals partner with the new program their local centre would be referred to in all communications as “Brisbane Capitals Aussie Hoops”.


Upon registering and paying through the new online gateway Aussie Hoops participants will receive a high quality participant pack that provides the essential items to assist in beginning their basketball journey. The pack includes:

  • Aussie Hoops drink bottle;
  • Spalding size 4 Aussie Hoops basketball; and
  • Aussie Hoops reversible singlet.