Local Centre Grants

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Local Centre Grants Program

Supported by Sporting Schools and Basketball Australia, this grant program will assist Aussie Hoops Centres to develop and deliver innovative strategies, products and projects aimed at enhancing their Sporting Schools programs and their relationships with local schools.

Associations can apply for grants of up to $500, to be used in Term 1 2016 in one of four areas.

Area Example
Facilities and Equipment Aussie Hoops Resources & apparel, venue hire
Coach and Teacher Development Put coaches through NCAS coaching course, host a teacher-PD session to train teachers
Participant Experience Professional player/mascot visit, club-branded merchandise
Pathways and Transition Glossy flyer/showbag promoting Local Centre, promotional signage

Grants must be used to support a Term 1 Sporting Schools program that the association is conducting, or be used create demand for future Sporting Schools programs. An example of the latter may be a series of promotional visits or an offer of equipment resources.


To be eligible, associations must:

  • Deliver Vicinity Centres Aussie Hoops; and
  • Be registered as a Coaching Provider with Sporting Schools; and
  • Have at least one coach registered and linked to their Coaching Provider profile.

Grants will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • The legacy and sustainable relationships that the initiative will create.
  • The level of exposure the initiative will have in Sporting Schools programs
  • Willingness of Local Centre to promote initiative through Sporting Schools.

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