Enjoy the game!

At Basketball Australia, we see the big picture – thousands of volunteer coaches in leagues and competitions crisscrossing the country.

And while they all may have  different audiences and challenges, Mojo is able to help them all.

We want to be able to provide a quality basketball experience to the parents and the coaches, not one heavily rooted in x’s and o’s but in organised communication, fun, inclusion and personal growth on and off the court.

Our main goal should be to help coaches teach through development, learning your role, working together and listening to your coach.

And the message that coaches should be giving, “Enjoy the game ! “

In many ways Basketball Australia and MOJO have the same mission statement.

First and foremost, let kids learn to love the game.

In the Mojo app you can do that through gamification of drills, learning at home through SheHoops Masterclass with Madgen, Hoops at Home drills that you only need a ball for or making your own special Player card!

View a Step By Step video on how to register as a coach with MOJO

With the Mojo app, every coach has access to hundreds of activities either from their own network that they are able to upload or built right into the one touch practice planner with age appropriate drills developed in partnership with the Junior NBA.

The app raises the baseline level of coaching for everyone and can give both clubs and most importantly the coaches confidence when they volunteer!

If you can find someone who is passionate about working with kids, you can teach them basketball.

A lot of times parents aren’t sure what is being taught, either because they don’t ask or they don’t understand.

In the Mojo App, parents can follow along with practice, watching videos on their own or with their players (s) to see what games and skills are being worked on.

It helps parents stay engaged on the one hand, and understand the player development process on the other.

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