Disability Inclusion

When coaching it is important to remember that children:

  • Have differing needs to achieve;
  • Learn at different rates of speed;
  • Have different interests and values;
  • Can conceptualise movement;
  • Often create their own movement patterns;
  • Need time to develop newly acquired skills;
  • Learn faster when the sequence is logical and clear and when there is
  • flow from one area of instruction to the next;
  • Respond positively to encouragement and a healthy relationship with
  • their coach;
  • Enjoy variety; and
  • Love being with their friends.

Basketball Australia’s motto is ‘everyone’s game’. As an accessible and inclusive sport we pride ourselves on our ability to provide opportunities for everyone. When integrating children with a disability into Vicinity Centres Aussie Hoops sessions coaches should:

  • Ask and gain an understanding of the child’s capabilities;
  • Never isolate the child;
  • Promote social inclusion;
  • Encourage parent/carer participation;
  • Build their confidence and self-esteem;
  • Modify activities to suit; and
  • Involve the child in all activities.